Nova is a HAR from One Must Fall: 2097 secretly created by WAR as part of Project Nova. Nova is the HAR used by the final boss from single player mode, Major Kreissack, and also by Ian Tavares and Nicoli in the World Championship.

While Nova normally isn't available in single player, there is a code (shown in the game's article) that makes Nova available. Nova can also be bought in tournament mode, randomly appearing for sale after playing for some time.

Little was known about Project Nova until the game's ending, except that the parents of Crystal and Christian worked on it and were killed to keep the project secret. After the last match in single player mode, Major Hans Kreissack appears controlling Nova, the result of the project. Despite its power, Nova is defeated and explodes in the end of the match.


Nova's head

In the game's ending, it is shown that Kreissack had prepared a notice to be read after his victory: "Notice to all humans: A new day has begun! Nova, a project started by WAR, will give new life! This process can take a human brain and place it inside a robotic body. What you saw tonight was me, Hans Kreissack, directly connected to a new form of H.A.R.. The human race will now see its ultimate evolution!" However, after Kreissack's death, all scientists close to the Nova project were killed in a fire that broke out shortly after the match, and all records of the Nova project were destroyed.

While Nova also appears in tournament mode, it doesn't seem to hold the user's brain like Kreissack's, as players can buy and use it in battle and later trade for other robots. This suggests that, despite all data of the project being lost, Nova was produced as a normal HAR, possibly by using the remains of Kreissack's Nova.


OMF Nova

The game designers would like players to think that Nova is the ultimate robot, but it is seriously lacking in actual combat. The vaunted projectiles are almost useless (except for Mini Grenade as anti-air), and Nova has the worst combos and throw of any robot, plus Nova's big size and slow speed make it an easy target. Fortunately, Nova has some good pokes: P, belly flop, sweep and b+P are basically all players need to use on most of offense or defense. Beware, though, Nova has a hard time doing any damage and must make the opponent come close, since it is slow. Overall, while Nova is great fun, players could be using Flail or Katana more effectively.

Move ListEdit

MOVE NAME            | COMMAND        | DMG.  | TYPE


Jump Punch           | (air) P        | 12.5  | Medium Jump

Jump Kick            | (air) K        | 12.5  | Medium Jump

Jab                  | f+P            | 5     | Light AR

Strong               | P              | 13.5  | Medium

Fierce               | b+P            | 16.5  | #1

Short                | f+K            | 7     | Light AR

Forward              | K              | 9.5   | Medium AR

Roundhouse           | b+K            | 10+10 | Light AR

Low Jab              | df+P           | 6     | Light AR

Low Strong           | d+P            | 11    | Medium AR

Low Fierce           | db+P           | 10+10 | Light AR (KD on 2nd hit)

Low Short            | df+K           | 6     | Low

Low Forward          | d+K            | 12    | Low

Sweep                | db+K           | 17.5  | #2

Belly Flop           | (air) d+P      | 22.5  | #3

Missile Launcher     | d,df,f+P       | 17.5  | #1

Air Missile Launcher | (air) d,df,f+P | 17.5  | #1

Mini Grenade         | qcb+P          | 22.5  | Medium KD

Earthquake Smash     | d,d+P          | 17.5  | #4

Knuckle Sandwich     | (close) f+P    | 22.5  | Heavy Throw

Scrap: qcb,f+P

Destruction: d,d,P

Fire & Ice: N/A

#1: Heavy AR, Medium KD on grounded opponents on last hit frame

#2: Low Medium KD

#3: Heavy that causes stunned animation on grounded opponents

#4: Unblockable KD that does not hit while another move hits or is blocked

Information Courtesy of "One Must Fall 2097: The Definitive FAQ"

by Robyrt(, )

Version 1.251