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News Report

The news reporter of WRDE appears mostly at the end of each single player or demo match, announcing the outcome of the fight followed by a screenshot of the last impact from the victor.

He sympathizes or intimidates the competitors depending on how much vitality they had remaining at the end of the fight.

Post-game CommentaryEdit


If you lose a match with little to no damage to your opponent, the reporter will make ridiculous remarks about you.

  • "I'll sum this one up for all you sports fans in two words: TRACK MEET. [The opponent] ran circles around, and sometimes over, [the player] and [their] ill-fated [HAR]. [The player] should start making bets against [themselves] if [they're] gonna take dives like this one."
  • "My, my, my... Who had control of that [HAR]! Oh, it was [the player]. Well, I have some advice for you, [player]. Duck, block, dodge, call in sick, do something other than take hit after hit from that [other HAR]."
  • "Whew, [your opponent] really tore into [you]. [You] should probably take that [HAR] back to the training field. All I can say to [you] is get some practice. That [HAR] won't win without your help."
  • "[The opponent] really knows what [they're] doing out there, or maybe [the player] simply has no clue. Regardless, this was a blowout. There were a few lucky shots by [the player], but most of the time the match looked like this."


If you lose a match while your opponent took half as much damage, the reporter will announce the match as unfortunate.

  • "They must be pretty short on pilots these days to recruit the likes of [you]. I could have blocked this last hit in my sleep. Hey, maybe that's the problem. Somebody wake up [the player]."
  • "A good performance by [the player], but obviously not enough to rival [the opponent's] [HAR] [The player's] prowess is obvious, but this shot really shows what a [HAR] can do in the hands of [the opponent]."
  • "Hmm.. [The player] showed some guts in the Stadium against [the opponent] tonight, but just didn't show enough skill. [The player] stood [their] ground courageously, but it was eventually left lying on it. Well [player], there's always tomorrow."
  • "Ohh, a bad day in the life of [the player]. Well, I'm sure [the opponent] won't shed any tears over [their] loss. [The player] landed some pretty good shots, but was worn down by ground shaking shots like this one."

Close DefeatEdit

If you lose a match with your opponent having only a small amount of vitality left, the reporter will sympathize.

  • "Folks, you've gotta feel a little sorry for [the player] tonight. If it weren't for [the opponent] landing... A few lucky blows like this one, I think [the player] would have pulled this one off."
  • "Nice try [player]. This was about as close as they come, folks. [The opponent] must be thankful for ... Blows like this one. It was shots like this that kept [the opponent] just a half-step ahead of [the player]."
  • "Wow, this was a close one. [The player] and [their opponent] traded blows in the Stadium until... [The opponent], fatigued and stumbling, landed this, the final blow. The next time these two meet, it'll be some rematch."

Narrow VictoryEdit

If you win a match with little vitality left, the reporter will announce the outcome as a surprising feeling.

  • "Now this was an even match-up if I've ever seen one. If they fought this match tomorrow, [the opponent] could just as easily win. [The player's] final, stumbling blow ended the match in what could only be called a fortunate victory."
  • "[The player] and [the opponent] were evently matched. The [HAR] of [the opponent] will spend some time in the shop tonight! These two fought practically blow for blow until [the player] finally nailed [the opponent] with this well-timed shot."
  • "I sure hope [the player] and [the opponent's] repair crews didn't plan any parties tonight. With the mediocre performance by [the player], [their] [HAL] repair crew will be stuck in the shop almost as long as [their] opponent's."
  • "[The player] fought a respectable battle with [the opponent] and was victorious. Not half bad [player]! They both did some damage, but [the player] ended the contest with this shot."


If you win a match with nearly a half amount of damage taken, the reporter will announce the fight without any personal remarks.

  • "...And in the arena tonight, [the opponent] gave [the player] a run for [their] money, but came up a few thousand credits short. [The opponent] held in there for a while, but [the player] simply out-performed [them] with moves like this."
  • "All you arena junkies out there got a pretty good show at the Stadium. [The opponent] fought with skill, but not enough... put down [the player's] hulking [HAR]. Hey, maybe next time, [opponent]."
  • "The crowd cheered as [the opponent] was defeated in the remarkable showdown with [the player]. [The player] pleased excited onlookers with respectable skill. Here's the hit that ended the match."
  • "The Stadium was rocked tonight by the impressive [player]. [the opponent] needs some more practice before [they] can defeat the likes of [them]. [HAR] parts littered the floor after repeated blows like this. Almost makes me feel sorry for [the opponent's] repair crew."


If you win a match taking little to no damage, the reporter makes a witty comment at how one-sided the fight was.

  • "[The player] was looking good this evening. [Their] [HAR] left the Stadium with only a few scars from [their] overmatched opponent. [The opponent] showed some pretty pathetic fighting skills, and [the player] took advantage of [them]. Just look at this hit."
  • "[The player] showed incredible abilities with the [HAR] as [the opponent] became little more than a punching bag. This one, as well as other outstanding hits, have sent [the opponent] back to the shop for a while."
  • "Whoa, this challenger meant business tonight. [The player] could show the old pros a thing or two about that [HAR]. Check this action out. This is how [the opponent] looked the whole match: beaten, bruised, and bewildered."
  • "For all you folks that enjoy an evenly matched battle, I hope you didn't pay for the match at the Stadium. ...But for all you who like the occasional one-sided masochistic pouncing, then watch out for [the player]."

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