OMF Katana

Katana is a HAR from One Must Fall: 2097.


One of the best robots in the game. There is exactly one reason to play as Katana: Rising Blade. This attack is an invincible fast combo starter that can be done in the air, making it a great choice. Katana comes with a decent suite of good moves as well: db+P is serviceable anti-air, b+P/P/f+P are good pokes, and players can force a slow-move guessing game with db+K and b+K. Plus, Katana has a good throw and Razor Spin is useful as a low-trajectory jump. There's really no reason for Katana to lose, unless the pilot gets careless and allows an opponent to avoid the second hit of the Rising Blade. Note that players MUST use a fast pilot, like Crystal or Milano, to combo after a Blade.


MOVE NAME           | COMMAND     | DMG.       | TYPE


Jump Punch          | (air) P     | 10.5       | Medium Jump

Jump Kick           | (air) K     | 12.5       | Medium Jump

Jab                 | f+P         | 4          | Light AR

Strong              | P           | 4          | Medium AR

Fierce              | b+P         | 17.5       | Heavy

Short               | f+K         | 6          | Light AR

Forward             | K           | 11         | Medium AR

Roundhouse          | b+K         | 16         | Light KD

Low Jab             | df+P        | 6          | Light AR

Low Strong          | d+P         | 11         | Medium AR

Low Fierce          | db+P        | 15         | Medium

Low Short           | df+K        | 6          | Low

Low Forward         | d+K         | 11         | Low

Slide               | db+K        | 15         | Low KD

Rising Blade        | qcf+P       | 12+4.8     | Medium AR (KD on 2nd hit)

Shadow Rising Blade | hcf+P       | 12+4.8+4.8 | Medium (KD on last hit)

Air Rising Blade    | (air) qcf+P | 12+4.8     | Medium E0 (KD on 2nd hit)

Forward Razor Spin  | qcf+K       | 11         | #1

Back Razor Spin     | qcb+K       | 11         | #1

Head Stomp          | (air) d+K   | 15         | Light AR

Fireball            | d,db,b+P    | 17.5       | Heavy E3

Volley Ball Set     | (close) f+P | 25         | Light Throw

Scrap: hcb+P

Destruction: hcf+P during 1st hit

Fire & Ice: hcf+K during 2nd hit

#1: Starts with normal jump situation, continues with Medium Jump, rebounds on
    hit or block; if the rebound hits a wall, it starts another attack. Can be
    controlled forward or back with the arrow keys.

Notes: The Rising Blade (all versions) is invincible during execution.
       The first 2 enhancements add a hit to the Shadow Rising Blade.

Information Courtesy of "One Must Fall 2097: The Definitive FAQ"

by Robyrt(, )

Version 1.251


Katanas appear in the background of the secret level from Diamondus in Jazzy's first game, Jazz Jackrabbit.

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