OMF Flail


The hardest robot to learn, the Flail is the most original fighting character I have ever seen. Flail actually has decent combos, but they're very hard to pull off. Flail's main weakness is, of course, the air. He is basically helpless against a Gargoyle, since neither his jumpkick nor the crouching short (both excellent defense moves) will protect him from a Diving Claw. Flail has an excellent crouching fierce, crouching short, and standing fierce, complementing its two staple moves (the Chains and Charging Punch), both of which serve as good counter moves as well as attacks. Flail is a great defensive bot because of his priority and range, but overusing any of his moves will get you nailed. Just keep them on the ground, chipping away at their life with the Chains, and eventually they'll make a mistake. Also, he can duck Blade Pit spikes.

Move ListEdit

MOVE NAME               | COMMAND     | DMG.   | TYPE


Jump Punch              | (air) P     | 12.5   | Medium Jump

Jump Kick               | (air) K     | 10     | Light Jump

Jab                     | P           | 5      | Light AR

Fierce                  | b+P         | 15     | Medium

Short                   | f+K         | 5      | Light AR

Forward                 | K           | 10     | Light AR

Roundhouse              | b+K         | 17.5   | Heavy

Low Jab                 | df+P        | 5      | Light AR

Low Strong              | d+P         | 11     | Medium AR

Low Fierce              | db+P        | 15     | Light KD

Low Short               | df+K        | 5      | Low AR

Low Forward             | d+K         | 10     | Low AR

Slide                   | db+K        | 15     | Low KD

Slow Swinging Chains    | d,K         | 15+15  | Medium KD

Fast Swinging Chains    | d,P         | 7+7+7  | Light AR

Charging Punch          | b,b+P       | 15     | Heavy KD

Shadow Charging Punch   | qcb,b+P     | 15     | Heavy KD

Spinning Throw          | f,f+K       | 1+25   | #1

Air Spinning Throw      | (air) f,f+K | 1+25   | #1

Massive Multiple Mauler | (close) f+P | 25     | Light Throw

Scrap Part 1: f,f,f+P

Scrap Part 2: f,b+P during 1st hit

Destruction: b,f+P after 1st hit

Fire & Ice: hcb+K during 2nd hit

#1: Heavy KD that can be blocked only if the opponent is already blocking;

    opponent recovers stun between each hit

Notes: The Swinging Chains can be controlled with the joystick in Hyper Mode or

with the 1st enhancement. The 2nd enhancement makes the Shadow Charging Punch

faster. The opponent recovers stun normally while being hit by a Spinning Throw.

Information Courtesy of "One Must Fall 2097: The Definitive FAQ"

by Robyrt(, )

Version 1.251

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